We combine the highest resolution digital printing technology along with highly-skilled 

specialist craftsman to provide a reproduction that is indistinguishable from the real painting.


To begin with we require a high-resolution image:

​​>  You may already own an image to the required pixel size.

>  We can organise for your own painting to be photographed.


Once we have received your image we check the pixel count to ensure the image is appropriately sized, then output a number of colour print proofs onto a substrate closely matching that of the original picture.

When the print proofs are ready we can either send these to you to check against the original, if owned by yourself; or we will take the print proofs ourselves and organise for these to be checked should the painting be hung elsewhere.

Upon either feedback provided to us, or our own proofing, we will adjust the colours accordingly to ensure a perfect match, before sending you a final colour print proof for approval.


Using the highest resolution digital printing technology available, we will ensure your painting is reproduced with the richest colour and perfect tonal ranges.

The final and most critical stage in producing an authentic reproduction is the hand finishing phase, which allows our highly-skilled specialists to recapture the subtle texture of brush strokes by applying top coats of varnish. 


Your picture can be provided:

>  As a rolled canvas with separate stretchers for assembly by      a framer.

>  With the canvas mounted on stretchers ready for framing.

>  As a fully-framed picture. We work in partnership with the          finest framers to provide either reproduction or antique

     frames contemporaneous with your picture. 

>  Complete with the most advanced LED picture lighting to          ensure your Family Copy is perfectly lit.

We can ship your picture worldwide using our international carriers. Each picture is wrapped, crated and shipped using a tracked service. All pictures are insured during transit.  

"I have now had a chance to look at the painting, and I am delighted with the result. The colours are very fresh, and the surface has a good texture and thickness to it."

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